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April Furniture Projects – Thrifty Thursday

At then beginning of the year I said I wanted to work on larger furniture projects… I’m starting to get my wish


I won this dresser at auction and love it – drawers run smoothly, there was little damage and no weird smell, stain or issue to work around. A real blank slate. LOVE. I have absolutely no idea what I’ll do with her, but what ever it turns out to be, she’s pretty lovely already so I can’t go far wrong


These drawers, similar to the ones I finished earlier this week, also came home with me. Funnily enough after going bold last time these may just get a more subtle tone. Or not. I have been thinking I’d like to do some fabric covered drawers so you may see me trying that out…


These chairs were actually sighted by a friend and I raced around to get them. A couple of weeks ago. They move up and down my to do list depending on what I have on. But I would like to get stuck into them asap.


Lastly, I wanted to share another project I’m working on… my bedroom. If ever I needed a sanctuary it’s now, so this room has gone from an after thought to my main focus. The photo above left is a sneak peak of something sent to me by Wayfair Australia, and that really got the ball rolling. It won’t be finished, not by a long shot, but I thought I’d share my progress. More next Thursday




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