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A Weekend Adventure – Doug up on Bourke

I don’t have my usual project post for you today – I have something I’m working on but it’s not quite finished (well, not really even close to finished, but you know what I mean ) I’ve just had an amazing weekend away with a girlfriend to Sydney. Our first stop was an amazing industrial antique warehouse called Doug up on Bourke that I thought I’d share instead.

 photo douguponbourke_zpsd287db15.jpg

I can’t tell you how completely overwhelmingly wonderful this place is (and in case you’re wondering, no they are not paying me to say it!) I actually stood at the top of the stairs and soaked it in for something like 15 minutes – there was so much to see with something different at every step.

 photo douguponbourkr2_zps722fab67.jpg

What I loved was the little collections they had – the trikes, the drinks crates, or oil cans, reminding me just how much I love vintage collections in decorating. The scooter above is gorgeous; it’s just perfect hanging from the ceiling that way! And what about the dress forms??

 photo douguponbourke3_zps61388086.jpg

There were fabulous stools, tables, glassware, loads of signs and maps. I could have filled my bag, car and home with all these amazing finds, and still found more. What I also found was that I loved the greens that seem to come out in vintage things – the green from the table and chair below are just perfect! It’s not usually my go-to colour (that’s blue in case you’re wondering) but these really caught my eye and got me thinking about what I might do with some green paint!

 photo douguponbourke4_zps1ae2bd97.jpg

We walked around the entire warehouse twice, just soaking it all in. There was almost too much to see, I think I’d walked past the wooden cash register below twice before I actually noticed it and realised just how beautiful it was. And of course, I couldn’t go past a typewriter without getting a snap.

 photo douguponbourke5_zps6b2b1e75.jpg

The one thing I didn’t get a picture of, and I wish I did, is the basement. The basement has all those pieces that haven’t yet been restored -and there were some amazing pieces in there. Some were so completely worn and beaten that I have no idea where I’d even start, and others had just a glimmer that you knew could shine.

We walked from the centre of the city out to Waterloo and I’m still feeling it a day later, but it was so worth it. So many amazing things to see, if you like your interior decorating a little industrial, you have to visit. Even if it’s only for inspiration! You can visit their website at

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