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A Vintage Rocking Horse

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t really sure about this one. It wasn’t a great price, the hair was so manky that I didn’t even want to pick him up and I was supposed to be there looking for something else entirely. So I turned to my Facebook friends for some help, and he came home with me.

Rocking Horse

The frame was in fantastic condition; it just needed a clean. The hair had to go immediately, and a million staples later I used ASCP Pure White and heavily distressed. I ummed and arred about wool for his mane and finally settled on a nice grey… and here he is.

rocking horse 2

I left the mane long – I couldn’t decide whether I thought I should cut it a little shorter, and then finally decided long was just fine. He just makes me smile. I love wooden toys, things that last a little longer than the plastic stuff you see everywhere, and he was a bit of a hit at home too…

rocking horse 4

He almost stayed, but I decided that Harry needed something a little bigger, so he went off to a new home. Thankfully Harry was distracted when the lady came or we may have had an issue. Half the problem with this business is never wanting to let anything go (the other problem is storage space, but that’s a topic for another post!).

rocking horse 3

He’s such a sweet thing, rocking horses are now on the list and hopefully I’ll find another soon. Before Christmas would be nice What about you – do you love wooden toys? Do you have a rocking horse at home, or when you were a child?


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