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A Blue Side Table & Styling Up A Storm

Finally! My first furniture project for 2015!!

blue side table

My friends Melanie and Sonya picked this table up for me one night on their way to a preschool meeting… it’s so nice to have people always on the look out for me! I’ve been using it as a bedside table, but finally got round to painting it a week or so ago. I wanted something universal, that could work for a child’s room or a beach house, that could be a bedside table, a side table or just about anything. So this one got two coats of XXX by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and was finished in Annie Sloan clear wax.

blue side table 2

I spent an afternoon fiddling round to get photos. I feel that one of my weak points is styling… I know what I want but I’m not always sure how to get it. On this afternoon I walked round my house looking for stuff – I was imagining a kind of boho luxe scene in my head with deep colours. Do you do that? Anyway, I think I got there in the end. What I realise is that I need a good backdrop to get the colours to pop… and my awful beige walls don’t do the trick. So I’ll be working on a solution to that!

blue side table 3

The experience taught me that I’m still looking for my style, and that just as I wrote here I’m going to need to be brave and keep working till I find it. I don’t want to offer up an echo of the people I admire, I want to offer something that is more a reflection of me. I guess that’s the bigger life challenge isn’t it! Being bravely and uniquely you, no matter what noise starts up around you.

I was certain I’d have something else finished by now, a much larger project that I’ve been working on for a while, but it has stalled a little. It’s getting there, but I’m rethinking it’s use and so may need to do a little woodworking to get it where I want it to be! All fun!

Thanks for stopping by

Catherine xxxx

PS How gorgeous is the gold framed picture in the background!! I’m yet to decide on what to do with it, but I just love it!


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