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A Beautiful Paris Grey Coffee Table

I’ve had a few days off work this week – I was in need of a break from the routine and desperately wanted to stay home and paint. Ever have one of those weeks? The noise of everyday life got loud and I was ready for the headphones! I’m SO lucky to have a job that offers such flexibility, and a Manager that gets that sometimes you just need to take time out. So I wrangled some annual leave and I’ve had a lovely few days; spent time at the beach collecting shells, ticked off a few must-do’s health wise (you know the stuff) and spent some time in the garage. LOVE.

Time to paint means I’ve got a couple of projects finished this week, the first being this beautiful coffee table. I’m so surprised someone wanted to get rid of her – those legs are beautiful and she was in great condition. Well, when I say great condition, I mean nothing that a coat or two of paint couldn’t fix!

Paris Grey Coffee Table

Her main issue were two dark stains on the top of the table; perfect circles that were obviously left by coffee cups!! It looked a little like someone had tried to re-stain the table, but the stains were still quite visible, and they’d then given up. Their loss, my gain! I decided given the stains were still quite evident I’d start with an undercoat just in case they decided to cause trouble. While Annie Sloan Chalk Paint offers great coverage, I prefer to use a cheaper option if I think a piece might need a few coats, or something to act as an undercoat. That way I’m not wasting my precious paint! So I painted two coats of Zinsser Smart Prime first (two coats as there was one section of the stain that was particularly stubborn) before using Annie Sloan Paris Grey. Zinsser is my go to for undercoat, especially when there is some nasty stain visible. It’s a reasonable price for a good product… you can’t go wrong.

paris grey coffee table 2

I would love to think you won’t notice, but please ignore those dirty spots on the floor!!! My few blissful days off work did NOT include mopping the floor before taking photos!

Anyway, those lovely yellow roses are sitting on my desk as I type – I bought them a little late so they’re almost on their last days already, but I couldn’t resist. That colour just makes me smile. And it must be catching, I’ve caught Emma sneaking off with them already this week and trying to hide them in her room.

paris grey coffee table 3

I’m on a roll with Paris Grey at the moment – I have two project in the works in the same colour. When I started out with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen was my go to for grey, but I’ve moved on, Paris Grey just being so soft and beautiful.

This week has really got me thinking about making time for me, making time for creativity, as well as time to just relax. That walk on the beach made for a beautiful start to the week. Hope you’re having a great week too.

Catherine xxx


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