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20 Things About Me

Since there are so many new followers here I thought I might share a little about myself in today's blog post... here's 20 things you never knew you didn't know about me!

1. I was born on the Central Coast, and have spent most of my life here. I lived in Sydney in between, but when I wanted to buy a house I came back home.

2. I have two children and one husband. I often consider putting one or all of them on eBay.

3. After a particularly nasty breakup in my twenties I took off to travel around the US for a couple of months. Traveling by myself was both confidence building and terrifying. I'd definitely recommend it!

4. People who suggest any foods are 'too rich' are complete mysteries to me. There is no such thing as too chocolately, too sweet, or too big a slice of pavlova.

5. I try to get to the gym five mornings a week. Yes I am that person. 5am wakeup and 5.30am start. I had no idea what a difference a morning exercise routine would make to my mental health; I know it sounds cliche, by WTribe has changed my life. If you are local, check it out.

6. My first car was a Datsun, with a Hot Tuna sticker on the back window and sand absolutely everywhere! I LOVED it!

7. I don't really watch TV. I hate getting into a show and then forgetting to watch, which I always do. And before you suggest it, I don't know how to save and watch later. So I don't start. I do however read everything about a show online just so I know what you're talking about!

8. All technology questions are deferred to my husband. This has been one seriously genius parenting hack, as when one or both of my children want something set up, or downloaded or fixed whilst I am otherwise engaged, I am unable and unskilled to address it.

9. I LOVE the beach, but both my children hate sand with a passion.

10. When I walk into my shop I let out the biggest sigh. It's like I've arrived home. Even having had three different spaces in four years, I still get that feeling as soon as I push open the door.

11. I discovered podcasts this year, and now I am addicted. My favourite is the Rise podcast by Rachel Hollis.

12. I don't drink coffee.

13. My Dad passed away after an incident at a hospital. I will never get over it. If you have a friend or family member in hospital, and they are unable to advocate for themselves, make sure someone is with them ALL THE TIME.

14. I used to work in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, working for some of the biggest Financial Services organisations in the country. It's not something I will ever go back to. EVER.

15. I am terrible with names, but I can remember most peoples projects and the paint colours they've purchased.

16. One of the first pieces I painted ended up being shared on Apartment Therapy. I couldn't believe it; over night my website had received so many visits that I thought it had been hacked and was showing porn.

17. I love books. I could walk round a book shop for hours, feeling covers and reading snippets. Some of my best ever reads have been chosen based on the cover alone.

18. I'm a blue girl. For everything. Furniture, clothes, walls. Every variation. I love it.

19. I have no shame about picking furniture up from the side of the road. If you do, well, you're missing out. But that's fine, if you see something just message me and I'll come and get it.

20. Drops of Jupiter by Train is my favourite song.


Anything sound like you there? I'd love to hear some of yours!



Jan 17, 2019

What a lovely read and a fabulous idea.

Denise Pilkington
Jan 13, 2019

Enjoy reading your blog, love your shop and the masterpieces you create really inspire me.

I also love all shaded of blue, don’t like coffee (instant is ok), loves books and book shops. Work in a stressful office job which I’m trying to find a way out of. Good on you for chasing your dream.

Susan O'Malley

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